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‘ReBoot Your Twin Soul’ – Group Coaching…

The relationship you have with yourself determines the relationship you have with your BELOVED… especially if you are a Twin Flame. If you are seeking the “Ultimate Relationship” – It starts with YOU! Life doesn’t have to be so hard, and we do NOT have to settle for less than what we came to this planet to experience! You just have to learn how to get out of your own way and TRUST the process.

I PROMISE YOU… when you are in alignment with self and Source, everything you need for your journey will appear!

How can I be so confident? Because I have FACED FEARS & FOUND FREEDOM! My journey has taken me through the “pitfalls of hell” and I have come out the other side experiencing inner peace and happiness. I have expanded to the highest version of myself, connected to my “Ultimate Calling,” and now I’m GLOWING FORWARD ON FIRE – teaching Twin Flames around the Globe how to let go as they cross the same swinging suspension bridge. So, rather than holding on for dear life – Take my hand and don’t look down! 

I’m Ready to FACE MY FEARS!

Are you Ready to Shift from Fear to Freedom?



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‘ReBoot Your Twin Soul’ – Group Coaching Includes…

In just four weeks, you will discover “Key Codes” that will assist you in unlocking The Secret to finding PERSONAL FREEDOM – experiencing heaven on earth – a place of inner peace and happiness! So you can GLOW FORWARD ON FIRE!

4 NINETY-MINUTE LIVE Calls with Dr. Harmony

Attend LIVE weekly calls with Dr. Harmony as she guides you through her ‘ReBoot Your Twin Soul’ – Group Coaching Program, designed to help you identify and acknowledge the purpose of your twin-flame experience. Each call will offer wisdom that will provide clarity as you discover the purpose of your twin-flame journey. During this course Dr. Harmony teaches you how to release your past, the importance of raising your energetic vibration, and action steps to reclaim your life, so that you can reunite with your twin flame. This course will, not only help you identify the obstacles that are keeping you stuck in your life and twin-flame journey, but also offer solutions and interactive action steps that will facilitate your soul's transformation by building a bridge helping you shift from fear to freedom, while creating a romance with self, Source, life and your twin flame.

BE PREPARED FOR EXTENDED TIME: Dr. Harmony opens these sessions up to Divine guidance, so the length of each session may vary between 90 minutes – 2 hours in length. Her intention is to allow Spirit to facilitate this journey and so depending on what is flowing through her – She wants to make sure that there is room for expansion of this Divine message.

‘ReBoot Your Twin Soul’ – Group Coaching Workbook

An interactive tool that includes wisdom, inspiration, affirmations and angelic action steps formulated to help you survive your shift while releasing your lower-self and connecting to your higher-self, helping you to manifest your Divine destiny.

On-Demand Version: You Will Receive a Recorded MP3 File for Each Call

The entire course will be recorded – So if you are not able to attend every LIVE call, or if you live in a time zone that does not allow you to participate during the scheduled LIVE times – that is not a problem. You can still sign up! Within 24 hours after each session you will receive a recorded copy of all the information provided throughout the course. This will allow you to participate either way. And if needed, you can revisit the information for further clarification, processing, integration and higher conscious awareness.

Private Facebook Group – Bring Home the GOLD

Receive Access to an Elite Members Only ‘Bring Home the GOLD’ Private Facebook Group. Join others from around the world who are experiencing the same twin-flame journey and seekers of a heart-centered life in search of freedom, seeking to reclaim their life and reunite with their twin flame. Here you will be able to have live interactions with Dr. Harmony, by asking questions and sharing your revelations with others, while supporting and cheering each other across the finish line, as you claim your rewards – Bringing home the GOLD!

BONUS # 1: An EXTRA 90-Minute Q&A Call ($111 Value)

At the end of this course, Dr. Harmony will host an optional Q&A call – Making this course a total of 5 weeks. You will be given an opportunity to email Dr. Harmony your top-three priority questions, listing them in order of importance. She will answer everyone’s # 1 question with the attempt to answer all the questions submitted, depending the number of participants and time available. The length of this call may also expand into a two-hour session.

BONUS # 2: FEAR to FREEDOM Mediation – A 7 Part Guided Meditation Audio Series: Cutting Cords to Your Past ($88 Value)

Through Divine Guidance Dr. Harmony has created a 7 Part Fear to FREEDOM Guided Meditation Series that will assist you in releasing the ties to your past. Cutting karmic energetic attachments to your past will help you gain FREEDOM so you can raise your vibration and claim your destiny in, but not limited to the following areas of your life: Finances – Relationships – Expression – Evolution – Destiny – Outlook – Mindset. This POWERFUL series is designed to help you create the space for expansion of your soul, providing FREEDOM in every area of your life!

BONUS # 3: Five Affirming "Letters to the Universe" – Lets Clarify Your Intentions ($44 Value)

It is VERY important that we set crystal-clear intentions and affirm our desires with clarity. It’s not always what you say, there is POWER in how you say it! Using Divine guidance, Dr. Harmony has created a series of "Letters to the Universe" that will assist you in affirming your intentions by using a specific outline that will guide you towards releasing your past and reclaiming your Divine rewards. The following Divinely written letters were designed to assist you in re-writing your destiny:

A Freedom Creed that will Set Your Soul & Your Union Free

Affirming Your Hearts Desires with Certainty

Cancel Your Universal Contracts and Karmic Vows

The Freedom Celebration Ceremony

A Forgiveness Letter that Will Free Your Soul

BONUS # 4: The Return to Eden Guided Mediation ($44 Value)

The Return to Eden guided mediation is a Divinely guided meditation that Dr. Harmony created to help you release all cords that have blocked you from making a conscious connection with your twin flame, your twin flame from making a conscious connection with you, including the barriers that are creating the silence between the both of you, and the cords that have kept your union from becoming a reality. This guided meditation will help you cut all ties to these energetic cords that have prevented you from being one. It also includes a purification ceremony of your sacred selves and your union, allowing you to become one in full energetic merger as you return home and celebrate being together again in the Garden of Eden.

BONUS # 5: $50 OFF Coupon

Receive $50 OFF a single 60 minute private reading with Dr. Harmony

I’m Ready to FACE MY FEARS!

(*Valid any time after purchase of group coaching program and expires 30 days upon completion of this course.) 

‘ReBoot Your Twin Soul’ – Group Coaching Schedule

Calls will be held on the following Wednesday evenings at 5 pm PST; 6 pm MST; 7 pm CST; 8 pm EST:

Week 1: January 10th , 2018

Week 2: January 17th, 2018

Week 3: January 24th, 2018

Week 4: January 31st, 2018

BONUS WEEK 5: February 7th, 2018

Can’t attend every LIVE call, or live in a time zone preventing you from participating during the scheduled LIVE times?

That is not a problem. You can still sign up!

Purchasing the course includes an On-Demand version: Within 24 hours of the LIVE session, you will receive a recorded copy of each group coaching session.

BE PREPARED FOR EXTENDED TIME: Dr. Harmony opens these sessions up to Divine guidance, so the length of each session may vary between 90 minutes – 2 hours in length. Her intention is to allow Spirit to facilitate this journey and so depending on what is flowing through her – She wants to make sure that there is room for expansion of this Divine message.

I’m Ready to FACE MY FEARS!

This is How ‘ReBoot Your Twin Soul’ – Group Coaching Will Help You Survive Your Shift…

Week 1: Remember Who You Are & Commit to the Mission!

During This Session I Will Be Sharing:

How to Get Out of Silence and Into Purpose

How to Identify Who You Already Are

How to use the 5 A’s to Tap into the Divine Intelligence Inside of Yourself

The Idea of Just Say “YES” to Infinite Eternal Love and It Will Become Yours

How to Fall Out of Fear and Fall into Love

How to Expand Your Vision and Dare to Dream a Beautiful Dream

How to Write a Freedom Creed that will Set Your Soul & Your Union Free

Week 2: Create Space for Your Journey & Surrender to the Process

During This Session You Will Learn:

How to Feel the LIGHT-ness of your Being and that Becoming LIGHT Will Forever Transform Your Life

The Importance of Living Naked in the Light of Love

Why Eternal Love Knows NO Judgement

9 Ways to Create Mental Freedom

How to Recalibrate Your Vibration by Rebooting Your Operating System

How to Cut Your Cords to Find FREEDOM

How to Find Freedom through Forgiveness

The Importance of BE-ing in the KNOW

How to Create a Plan of Action to Cope with Chaos

Why it is Important to Create a Relaxation Plan – Allowing Your Soul to Take a Twin-Flame Vacation

Week 3: Expand Your Soul & Embrace the Journey

During This Session You Will Discover:

How to BE the Light You Were Born to Become

How Practicing the 5 E’s of Living En-the-Light “Enlightenment” Will Help You Live Your Highest Happy

How Great Love is Divine Energy, So… Expect it to Show-Up

The “Key” to Achieving Purpose is with Passion

7 Tips to Add Love to Your Life

Everything You Need to Know Today to have the Ultimate Relationship Tomorrow

How to Create a Love Gallery and Co-Create Your Own Love Destiny

Week 4: The Door was Already Open – Time to Spread Your Wings & Soar Towards Your Highest Self, Becoming ONE with Source and ONE in Your Sacred Union!

Divine Wisdom Delivered in This Session Will Help You To:

Be More Open to Receiving the 7 Rewards of Freedom

Uncover The Secret to Achieving the Ultimate Relationship with Yourself,

Your Beloved and Your Livelihood

Make Your Twin a STAR in Your Uni-Verse! ONE – Song: TWO Expansive Hearts Become ONE Self - ONE Source – ONE Love – ONE Purpose - ONE Life 

Discover 8 Ways to See Your Twin for Who They Really Are

Learn 11 Tips to Support Your Twin while They Become Your STAR

Decide – Win or Lose? You Get to Choose!

Commit to Bringing Home the GOLD!

Experience The Return to Eden Celebration

I’m Ready to FACE MY FEARS!


“The progress just keeps unfolding, it is so WOW! Dr. Harmony has the most amazing energy. She is radiant and a breath of fresh air. She has helped me work through layer by layer. Uncovering emotional blockage using various techniques. This has then led us onto so much and it all keeps falling into place. I am just AMAZED. Connecting with her was meant to be. She has confirmed my twin-flame journey and her ‘ReBoot Your Twin Soul Blueprint’ has helped me understand the process and connect to my soul’s purpose.”

- Heather S. (Wales, UK)

“Dr. Harmony is an amazing healer!! With her energy work and chakra aligning she was able to help me find peace and clarity during a difficult transition in my life. She helped me understand why I was having anxiety about certain things and people in my life and gave me the tools to find personal peace. I gained the confidence to declutter my life and allow better flow of my energy. I highly recommend Dr. Harmony to help you live your best life and become your most authentic self.

She has a true gift!!”

-Tori S. (Lansing, Michigan)

"I was Divinely guided to connect with Dr. Harmony & recently started her ‘ReBoot Your Twin Soul Blueprint.’ My awakening and awareness of my soul's journey and purpose is just beginning. Dr. Harmony is an amazing guide and teacher of this process which includes prayer and meditation to clear and expand my energies. Truly an amazing experience."

- Kelly G. (Creve Coeur, Missouri)

Ready to Face Your Fears with me?

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1 EZ Payment of $444

- or -

2 Payments of $269

*First payment due at checkout 

**Second payment scheduled to auto pay one month from sign-up date

Face Fears        Find Freedom        Glow Forward On Fire!

Making the decision to participate in ‘ReBoot Your Twin Soul’ – Group Coaching is an opportunity for you to make a commitment to yourself. Just like anything in life, what you put into it you will get out of it. However, by choosing to take personal accountability and acknowledging that only you are responsible for your own happiness is mastering the first step towards shifting from where you are now, to where you want to be! From Fear to Freedom. I am here to facilitate your journey as you align with your truth and desires and put them into action making them become a reality.

Your greatest resistance will create your greatest breakthrough! If you are experiencing resistance, then you are experiencing exactly what you need to create your first breakthrough by signing up for this course and becoming the leader of your own life and accomplishing freedom – so you can GLOW Forward on Fire! Acknowledgement is 75% of the of the process from there take my hand as I guide you across the abyss.

If you are not sure if this is the right program for you, set up a 20-minute Soul Chat with Dr. Harmony.

Book Now Or email so that together we can determine if this is the right course for you.

‘ReBoot Your Twin Soul’ – Group Coaching commitments are final once the content has been delivered or the first session has occurred – whichever comes first. All content will be delivered approximately 48 hrs. before the first session of this course. Please check spam mail if you have not received within that time-frame. Otherwise, if for any reason you determine ‘ReBoot Your Twin Soul’ – Group Coaching course is not right for you before this timeframe, you may cancel in writing for a full refund by emailing

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